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FineLine Multimedia is an internet marketing business and web content producer/publisher, focusing on inbound marketing strategies. Our mission is to help you produce remarkable content that engages your audience and differentiates your unique brand. With our in-house media and video production team, we help our clients reach their audience groups by combining a strong message, an effective strategy, and a memorable online experience.

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When & Who?

In 2003 Principal Owner – Frederick J. Findley III, M.S. began servicing small businesses by providing creative and effective video communication solutions focused on attracting customer attention online. In 2007 Mr. Findley officially founded FineLine Multimedia and set out to build a talent agency with fresh ideas.


As early as 2003 FineLine recognized the rapid pace at which video was already beginning to change our online experience. While the lines that separated video and web were being erased the demands for sharing richer web content were increasing. Today, FineLine sees several interesting aspects of video’s impact on the web:

  • The increase (and continuing increase) of video’s role in online marketing strategies
  • The evolving response to web content by everyday users
  • The shift from sleek design back to effective communication
  • Most importantly, the recognition that brands must now be supported by effective, fresh content

As businesses began to recognize the opportunities the internet made available to their marketing strategies, FineLine noticed a new era of amateur advertising and marketing efforts. While the internet has empowered individuals and businesses to engage the global community not everyone is capable of making effective and efficient marketing decisions, strategies, or implementation processes.

By 2010 we saw a growing need that was consistent among our customers. They not only needed effective, fresh content for their website, they also needed assistance and guidance in navigating through the new outlets of social media, blogging, and web 2.0. They needed advice on how to engage their customers online and mentorship on how to establish daily routines that allowed their business to continue being competitive online. They needed us to be more than a video and multimedia company… and we responded.


FineLine’s vision is to provide solutions for fresh, effective web content that engages your organization’s audience and clearly communicates its message. Ultimately we want to explore creative approaches that will turn your potential prospects into long-term clients. To achieve this, we believe your online marketing strategy must be as strong as your operations strategy. Our goal is to establish a framework that enables you to:

  1. utilize our ability to create powerful content
  2. stay competitive in a worldwide web of constantly evolving marketing opportunities
  3. eliminate waste of time and resources on poorly executed marketing efforts
  4. return your focus and attention back to your clients while we put our focus and attention on your message


FineLine Multimedia is based in Greensburg, PA (approximately 30 miles East of Pittsburgh, PA). We provide services locally and globally.

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